Del Sol

It had always been a dream of ours - to create a collection of custom, self-designed swimwear, that celebrated aesthetic simplicity. And thanks to our ever-supportive bunch of customers (a.k.a #malibubeachbabes), we've always had feedback, comments and suggestions to keep the dream going. Ultimately, it was through this combination of our aspirations and their love that our sister brand was born - the Del Sol label.

Defined as being "of the sun" in the undeniably romantic Spanish language, the Del Sol label is carried an exclusive line of swimwear, crafted completely in-house with the finest materials, sun-kissed threads and drops of golden sun, to complement the beauty of Asian physiques. Each original Del Sol piece is made in limited numbers, but comes with unlimited amounts of love.

As it is with all maiden explorations, it took us some time to get everything right and to a level of quality that we'd be proud to call our own. It wasn't without its fair share of hiccups, we assure you, but after some time and a whole lot of tweaks, it all finally came together. Oh, what a moment that was!

The day that we received the first pieces bearing the Del Sol label will be a day we'll always be proud of. Imagine our joy of finally having the privilege to then share it with everyone, our customers especially :)

On that lovely note, we'd like to take this opportunity to just thank everyone for their continuing love and support. You give our passion, purpose!

Much love, xoxo.

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