Our Story

This goes out to the beach babes, the party-goers, the glorious sun worshipers.
Those who dream of sea and sand, with a Pina Colada in hand.
Coconut trees swaying, summer house music playing, with fellow friends revelling.

A warm hello from us beach lovers.
A warm hello from Malibu Beachwear!

Born on the sunny shores of Malaysia in October 2012, we've been treating our many customers from near and far with some of the finest bikinis and beach essentials around.

You can rest assured that only the good stuff finds their way to our virtual shelves,
where every creation carrying the Malibu Beachwear label must live up to our 3 obsessions:

1) Luscious, high quality materials
2) Beautiful designs
3) And a flattering fit

Simply put, the only offerings you'll find from us, are things we absolutely love ourselves :)

Malibu Beachwear (Registered No. 002338287-X)