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Malibu Sun Wraps have been designed, crafted and weaved by none other than the sun gods themselves. We kid obviously. What matters though is that, to us sun worshippers, these lovely things are the perfect partners for those days out on the beach as an over-swimwear wrap, a featherweight sun scarf, or even as a mat to lay on. 
They're also a means of covering up and then dramatically revealing that new bikini of yours :)
Malibu Sun Wraps are made of carefully selected chiffon sourced from paradise itself; spreading open to a full size of 47" (width) x 65" (length).
Care Instructions
Hand Wash
Follow these careful wash instructions and bless your Malibu Sun Wrap with the gift of immortality. 
Soak it with a mild liquid detergent for 30mins.
This may ever-so-slightly desaturate their color but rest assured that it will not affect the fabric at all.
Rinse off all soap under tap water.
Use a bath towel to wrap it until all access water is soaked
Hang it over a line to dry completely
Machine Wash
Place your wrap inside a mesh laundry bag.
Do not mix with any other garments in the machine.
Wash with mild liquid detergent.
Set your machine to "delicate" mode and wash in cold water.
Remove wrap from machine. Hang it over a line to dry completely.
Never wring or squish dry! 
Do not dry with dryer!
This will hurt their immortal qualities!