Returns & Exchanges

Rest assured that prior to delivery, all outgoing purchases are inspected thoroughly, inside-out, completely, whole-heartedly, and meticulously, to ensure that they are 100% free of defects and 100% lovable. In the event that a customer does receive a damaged purchase (which is 99.9% impossible), a replacement can be arranged based on the following terms and conditions:

Malibu Beachwear only accepts returns & exchanges based on
- Wrong item sent
- Defective items caused by manufacturer

Returned item(s) must have original tag(s) and hygiene sticker(s) still attached and be put in the original packaging that it was sent out in.

All returned items must be unworn and unwashed.

Malibu Beachwear will not allow exchange or refunds if the item is suspected to not be in its original condition or a defect is caused by the customer.

Please read swimwear care below :

Swimwear Care
Rinse your swimwear in cold water (not more than 30 degrees) after each wear
Do not mix colors
Wash your swimwear by hand in cold water with mild soap or hygiene wash (never detergent)
Gently squeeze the water out of your swimwear after washing
Line dry / Hang dry
Don't iron or dry clean (dryer)
Please wash all Neon colors separately. The best dyes have been used to create neon colors however, neon colors will fade over time
Mesh materials are very delicate. Do not pull on mesh material to stretch. Instead, pull on solid materials to keep mesh ends from tearing

All items must be return back to us within 7 working days from the date you have received them. Any longer than that we will not be able to proceed with the exchange.

Malibu Beachwear will not be liable for any losses/damages caused during the delivery of goods using the mentioned delivery services.

If your item is found to be not defected, we will not compensate your shipping costs.

Feel free to drop us a note here for any further inquiries.